At Cornerstone Church, membership has its privileges.  As a Covenant Member, you have the privilege of honoring God’s commandment to fully commit to the body of Christ. Members share in the life and legacy of Cornerstone in a way that is only experienced when someone makes a whole-hearted commitment to their church.  Furthermore, members enjoy the privilege of being an integral part of the Cornerstone family, and share in all the blessings and benefits derived from active participation with God’s people.  Finally, Covenant Members play an important role in guarding and guiding Cornerstone Church by promising to:

1. PROTECT THE UNITY OF OUR CHURCH by acting in love toward other members, by refusing to gossip, by following the leaders and by reconciling conflict Biblically.

2. SHARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF OUR CHURCH by praying for its growth, by investing in the lives of those around me, inviting them to attend, and by warmly welcoming those who are alone and/or visit.

3. SERVE THE MINISTRY OF OUR CHURCH by developing a servant’s heart, discovering my spiritual gifts and talents, being equipped to serve and volunteering in a ministry of Cornerstone Church.

4. SUPPORT THE LIFE OF OUR CHURCH by participating regularly in worship services, living life together with other believers in Biblical community, and by living generously with my time, talent, treasure (tithes and offerings) and testimony.

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